Landmark Arts Showcase Arrives

A two-year artistic journey for Rory Breaker Morant will culminate in a musical showcase, exhibiting Bangkok’s burgeoning arts scene, on May 17th…

Great events are achieved through vision. At the heart of each event is a man or woman, who has the vision and the drive to manifest their idea into reality. 

People are drawn to these forces of energy. Fuelled by purpose and brimming with creativity, they take action and inspire others to join them on their journey. This is what we are witnessing with Rory Breaker-Morant as he gears up for his maiden musical production “We Are All One”.

This event is the culmination of Rory’s two-year journey of multi-cultural, creative collaborations, and you can witness this on Friday May 17th at Live Lounge Bkk.

From what I have personally seen is possible in this community, you can expect pure artistic magic to unravel before your eyes.

Rory will showcase the power of Bangkok’s artistic community in a spectacle showcasing a diverse range of original music and other performing arts elements, enacted by no less than 15 performers from across the globe. 

They are (with the exclusion of a few surprises): Muta (Japan), MC Sunthi (Thai), Pilot Pirx (Czech), Charlie Banks (UK), Honey Jacq (US), jnknslry (US), Buhunero Clandestino (Panama), Malik (US), Maurizio Ghisleni (Italy), Ludovic Leflon (France), Kittichai Thaitae (Thai), and two bands Bang Sue Electrix and Peanut Butter Jams. 

Rory’s rise to prominence in the arts scene caught fire in 2017, a defining year for the DJ, who is renowned in Bangkok for being a purveyor of funky beats. 

Creative sparks started to fly for Rory in this era, as he collaborated with French/Thai singer Emma Durand on his original track “(If We Did It) All Again”, and in the same year Superfly Bkk was born. 

The Hip Hop/funk-inspired cypher event, staged at Beatlounge, brought together the city’s MCs under one roof and was a major step in his creative journey. 

This same year Rory traveled to Tokyo for Festival/Tokyo 17. In his role of Musical Director, he produced and performed a musical score for a stage production by the Pichet Klunchun Dance Company. This cross-cultural collaboration had a huge impact on the Australian artist.

He returned the following year for Festival/Tokyo 18 and once again worked with the Pichet Klunchun Dance Company and drew major inspiration from themes they worked on, namely the positive outcomes of cultural mixing and living in a foreign land/culture. 

“This formed a foundation seed for my “We Are All One” show as the show was made up of performers from many different countries working together to achieve a common goal. Art was imitating life.”

Rory Breaker-Morant

For the performance at Festival/Tokyo 2018, Rory, with an inextinguishable flame of inspiration burning bright within, forged several key collaborations in Bangkok as part of his set to be performed in Tokyo. 

The first was collaboration with Japanese rapper Muta Jumanji in “Who Are You? (Brother I Am You)”. The second, entitled “We Are All One” involved three MCs, female Thai rap sensation MC Sunthi (Bang Sue Electrix), UK rapper Charlie Banks (Tokyo Moon) and US rapper “jnknslry”(Nasi, Wasabi Bytes).

The backing vocals for this collaboration is a chorus of 30 contemporary dancers representing Japan, Philippines, Malaysia, Taiwan, China and India. Rory articulated how he felt working with this group.

“The experience of being encircled by this group as they sung “we are all one, under the same sun,” was sublime and surreal. It was like submerging in an ocean of voices.”

Rory Breaker-Morant

The show opens with the aforementioned bands then culminates in Rory’s section, which will see artists unite from around the globe to perform as one force of strength, in an act of pure community dynamism.

“I am thrilled at the chance to share the stage with so much talent, who are also my friends. With the inclusion of Bang Sue Electrix holding down the opening freestyle cypher, & PBJ Band  bringing their intimate indie sound, we’ve got all bases covered.”

“I believe this event will show the depth and strength of the Bangkok Artists Collective crew we’ve got here.”

Rory Breaker-Morant

The location is Live lounge Bkk, co-founded by myself and Charlie Banks (who features in the show), located on Sukhumvit 13 on the second floor of Sportsman Bar. There is parking next to the bar, which is free of charge for two hours then 30 baht for the third hour and 50 baht an hour thereafter.

The charge for the event is on “pay as much as you feel” voluntary basis and all proceeds are split equally between the performers. 

The official program is below together with a collection of original tracks made by Rory, featuring the collaborations from within Bangkok’s creative community and beyond. 


20.00 – Doors Open

21:00 – Freestyle Cypher hosted by Bang Sue Electrix

22:00 – Performance by Peanut Butter Jams

22:45 – Rory Breaker-Morant and Friends


(If We Did It) All Again Music Video

We Are All One

Monkey King feat 2nd Floor Samurais

Monkey Training feat 2nd Floor Samurais

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