Bangkok’s Newest Market Is Here To Stay

Artbox Bangkok Arrives on Sukhumvit 10

Bangkok’s new market, a blend of art, crafts, and commercial products, will permanently reside on Sukhumvit 10 as of May 30th. I went to soak-up the vibes at this glorious garden.

Artbox Bangkok is a fun place to place to spend a little time, and it’s very, very conveniently situated, a stones throw from Nana BTS. Relaxing, eating, drinking, watching live music, and spending your hard-earned cash on some craft goodies, are all things that can be achieved here.

Ideally situated, in a garden engulfed by trees, I was lured into it’s magic. You get the hustle and bustle of the market place, but you won’t be getting bothered and barked at by desperate sellers here. It’s got a nice energy, a peaceful ambience.

I heard the sounds of familiar Western cover songs, met the gaze of Thai street food sellers, sampled some local Thai craft beer (a nice frosty can of Sivilai), and bought something hand-crafted to take home. Cans of craft beer ranged fro 59 THB to 175 THB, and the street food was around 2-3x the cost you would normally pay on the street (Moo Bing was 30 THB-per-piece). Calamari was 135 THB and a plate of diced steak I found for 150 THB.

I bought one of these little stuffed animals for my little girl – 120 baht

This is a place you can “duurn len” (have a pleasant walk). It simply couldn’t be better placed, right in a thriving, busy area of Sukhumvit, Bangkok, where swarms of people are searching for places to spend their cash.

I found myself looking at the trees a lot, they are mesmerizing and really create a “secret garden” feel. In summary, I think it’s a great place to go and spend an hour or two of your time, you can gaze at the trees and drink a craft beer, like I did, take your kids, have a catch-up with friends or take your love interest for a nice stroll. There’s a bit of Romance in the air here, let’s hope it stays that way.

Here are some facts about Artbox, an all-round solid addition to Bangkok tourism and entertainment:

  • Getting there: BTS to Nana and a two minute walk
  • How long is it here? Artbox will be at Chuvit Gardens permanently as of May 30th, for at least one year.
  • How can you get a booth there? Pay 35,000 THB for a month’s rental, or 7,500 THB for 4 days.
  • How can you perform there if you’re a musician? Contact them directly on

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