Body Conscious Leading The Way In Bangkok Wellness

Upon a strong recommendation from a friend, I went to take a look at the amazing Body Conscious facility on Sukhumvit 16, which champions natural remedies, digging out the root causes of our ailments and rejecting the use of chemicals in aiding recovery. I also sampled some treatments from their extensive menu…

When it comes to your body, how much do you give a damn? We are what we eat, is the old adage. More accurately, we are the sum of the choices we make. There is a complex web of truths and influencers, which make up the condition of our bodies. Perhaps none more so than our lifestyle. Are we sleeping well? What are we putting into our bodies? How much stress are we enduring on a daily basis?

This is the essence of Body Conscious and their approach to treatment. There is a root cause to all the ailments we suffer and with an array of expertise, a strong ethos, and high-tech machines at their disposal, Body Conscious will lay these truths bare and help you make better choices so you actually get better, and stay better.

Body Conscious have a multitude of fancy toys at their disposal, ultra-sound, shockwave treatment, colonic irrigation, but their ethos is far more important. They want to fix us inside out and locate the root of the problem which stems from our lifestyle choices. They help us understand that we have 85% control, and the power to directly impact the body’s performance and even turn on or off genetic/hereditary problems. They empower us.

Colonic Irrigation Machine

Traditional Chinese medicine is strongly advocated at Body Conscious, and you can experience a “Tui Na” massage, “Cupping” and even Acupuncture with Sound Healing (see my summary below). In fact, the buzz words we see on their advertising, “fat loss”, “detox”, “body toning” only scratch the surface of what they actually do at this wellness center. If you stroll into their spacious, deluxe facility looking for a quick fix, some rapid weight-loss or a sharp energy boost, they have all the tools there for that, but they stressed to me that each patient will leave with a plan for sustained recovery. Our Wellness is left firmly in our hands.

Natural Healing Products

Every time I leave Body Conscious, I feel enlightened. They have taught me so much about my body, and their advice has been life-changing for me. I have suffered from poor quality sleep and low energy levels for as long as I can remember. In one of my consultations, I learned that I may have a hormone deficiency, which can be tested and if necessary, treated with natural remedies. They also educated me about our Kreps Cycle which consists of our intake of proteins, carbohydrates and fats which directly impacts our energy levels.

I learned a few little gems I can apply right away, such as: cold drinks and greasy food dampen our spleens and directly impact our energy circulation. My passion for omelettes must be tempered, and a lot of delicious Thai food (anything which starts with “Pad…”) is detrimental to our energy flow owing to its oily-ness. Pad Ki Maow Kai (Thai fried “drunken” noodle with chicken) has been a big favourite of mine in the past, but there’s plenty of fabulous Thai food which isn’t greasy and oily. A small, but significant shift in my diet will enhance my energy flow so it’s a no-brainer for me.

Another pearl of wisdom I learned was that the performance of our liver directly affects our cholesterol levels. The liver helps to remove cholesterol from our bodies, which is a stark reminder that no matter how fit I think I am, no matter how much I train in the gym, if I drink too much beer and damage my liver, it will have dire consequences. It’s a very humbling experience having some “real talk” with someone who is an expert on the human body.

Fancy toys: The Ultrasound Machine

Inconvenient truths lurk beneath the surface of our make-up. Our dusty old cupboards may need a spring clean and that’s never cheap, but the longer they’re left, the worse they truly get. What choices are we making? Our well-being is at stake.

Upcoming events at Body Conscious:

  • 25th May 2019, 12-1pm: Sound Healing Group Session With Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor, 10 Spaces available! Admission 800 Baht.
  • 25th May 2019, 11-1pm: Cooking Class with Chef Maricel – The Natural Way to Mitigate Menopause Symptoms. 12 spaces available! Admission 3,500 THB.
  • All events take place at Body Conscious @ Y Wellness, 7th Floor Column Hotel, Sukhumvit 16.
3D Body Scanner

Treatments I tried and how much they cost:

  • Acupuncture with Sound Healing 2,600 THB
  • Body Composition Test and 3D Body Scan 1,300 THB
  • IV Infusion: Myers Cocktail “Energizer” 2,900 THB
  • E-Fit 1,400THB (30 mins)

My comments on the treatment:

  • The IV Infusion had an immediate effect and I left the center re-energized, with clarity and purpose. The process was deeply relaxing (I fell asleep) and the impact profound. I had a bounce in my stride and was able to think clearly and precisely which was incredibly valuable to me.
  • The Acupuncture with Sound Healing was a beautiful experience. With the needles all in place, Dr Guy (specialist in Traditional Chinese Medicine) softly beat a gong which sat on my chest, and the vibrations took me to another place. The idea, which I believe is true, is that our bodies encounter problems when there is an imbalance and disharmony along the energetic pathways. In Ancient Oriental medicine it is thought that the sound vibrations are able to access these pathways and restore harmony when it is lost – even relieving chronic conditions.
  • The Body Composition test left me with some clearly defined goals, and gave me great insights into my body as a whole, body fat, muscle mass, metabolic rate. The 3D scan was very cool and gave me some additional insights like how my posture and balance are at present. The scan revealed I lean slightly towards my left side, which means there is a slight imbalance which needs to be rectified. A very positive discussion with the physiotherapist Dr Toro followed the tests that were done.
  • E-Fit uses Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) This machine contracts your muscles forcefully using electrical impulses. It’s an amazing work-out, please read more about this in my latest article here.

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