Five Reasons Your Fitness Training Should include EMS

The E-Fit machine at Body Conscious Bangkok

EMS is not a new kid on the wellness block. Professional athletes have been employing the use of these machines for decades, but now it’s been adapted for personal training and is achieving phenomenal results around the world. I had a 30-minute private session at Body Conscious Bangkok, with one of their physiotherapists, and here’s why I recommend you do the same…

1. It’s scientifically proven, tried and tested

EMS has been around for years, but still to this day it’s not properly understood. A fairly simple machine contracts your muscles forcefully using electrical impulses. Sounds a bit weird? When you lift weights, your brain sends signals to your muscles, instructing them to contract, exactly as the EMS machine does. The difference is, the machine, unlike the brain, is able to directly reach the muscle groups and avoid all the “noise”, such as mental fatigue, or stress which disturbs the signals. EMS not only contracts the muscles efficiently, it relaxes and de-contracts muscles more effectively. 

I felt this after my work-out. When I lay down and felt the soft impulses through my aching leg and arm muscles, it was like getting a very pleasant, post work-out massage.

My red, beetroot head says it all – it’s intense.

2. You don’t need to love fitness to do EMS

The chaos of life often gets me tired. A lack of sleep, and over-training contribute to perpetual exhaustion at times. That’s my nervous system being over-stimulated. With EMS, the machine requires no nervous system. That’s right, you can show up on a bad day and get an unbelievable workout still, because it’s not taxing on the mind – not one bit.

3. You can train EMS when you’re injured

Fatigue and injury interrupts the signals our brain sends to our muscle groups. I have a long-standing knee injury from over-training and playing football when I was younger. Whether I am walking, running, weight training or playing any sport, I am stressing my knee joints. Using the EMS machine, I found that my workout was by-passing the old, withered knee joints and was utterly unimpeded by them. The electrical impulses are able to get a clean, complete contraction of your muscles without stressing the joints. How amazing is that?

4. Fat reduction – FAST

Let’s face it, sometimes life gets in the way of us training, keeping fit and losing that unnecessary fat. In one 30-minute EMS session, including a warm-up and relaxing warm-down massage, I felt like I had been training for two hours. My hamstrings and triceps were aching, I was dehydrated like I had been on a 10km run, and saw immediate results on my body. Body fat was burning and the next morning I was significantly leaner. It’s incredibly fast and effective. 

The intensity of the EMS workout can’t be paralleled by conventional training. It generates a very high-level of metabolic activity which leaves you burning body fat not just during the workout, but for hours afterwards. 

The plank, never easy. Especially with electrical impulses coursing through you!

5. Improves posture and flexibility

With an EMS machine, you have the power to specifically target areas which are very difficult to reach, such as your back. By getting straight to the muscles targeted and promoting the circulation of blood throughout the muscle, it reduces tension and knots, which relieves painful symptoms. This would be especially poignant for the millions of people spending their days working on the computer, whose back and posture is slowly degenerating. 

Go on, give it a whirl

All in all, I had an amazing experience with EMS at Body Conscious on Sukhumvit 16, and I wasn’t expecting to dig it so much. It opened my eyes, and yes, it costs money to use an EMS machine with a personal trainer guiding you (1400 for a 30-minute session at BC), but the feeling, the knowledge gained and the quality of work-out was worth it’s weight in gold. This is an investment in your health, and I recommend you give it a try.

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