Bangkok Kids: Playtime Ekamai

I took my nine-month-year-old baby girl to the huge indoor playground facility at Parklane, on Sukhumvit 63, Ekamai.

From the outside, and as you enter the realms of Playtime, it looks hugely impressive. There are two zones, one for babies, and one for infants and above. I wandered into the bigger kids zone first to take a look and discovered a myriad ways for kids to have fun: a zip line, a cooking zone, a trampoline, a sandpit and even a climbing wall. A few enormous slides. Lots of fun and variety for confident, strong, active kids. I took my little one to play in a balloon room, which looked like fun. She loved it! The balloons were being blown all around. Then, she tried to grab and eat the balloons, so I took her out and we went to the baby play area instead.

The impressive zone for bigger kids, 2-6 years-old

My wife pointed something out about the balloon room, which I hadn’t noticed. It was quite dark, too dark perhaps for a room in a kids playground.

Over in the baby zone, it was small. A little less inspiring than the bigger kids area, and less for our baby to do. She could crawl around on a soft mat, fiddle with some things, have a slide and roll around in the soft ball combat zone. The soft balls didn’t look very clean and our little girl likes to put things in her mouth, so this was a concern. General cleanliness was a concern, it didn’t look like the toys were washed often and this leaves babies open to disease. I would really like to see a little more invention in the baby area. She was happy and the design was ok, it was just a little limited in the baby zone.

The baby slide, use with caution

Overall, the experience was worthwhile, and the playground looks like it’s a great experience for infants and above. There’s creative activities like cooking, art and I heard they do live magic shows. For babies, it’s a little underwhelming and the cleanliness, which is a big deal for babies, was not up-to-scratch. It’s a fun place to walk around anyway, although we may not return until the little one is older.

Key Info:

  • Open 9-6pm Mon-Thu, 9-7:30pm Fri-Sun
  • 130 THB entry for adult, 250 THB for child under 105cm, 390 THB for child over 105cm
  • Socks are required
  • Lockers are available

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