Bangkok Movement Playground, Sukhumvit 69

I have trained at a fitness club for seven years in Bangkok, and when I stepped into The Movement Playground, on Sukhumvit 69, I felt something different right away. This is a free-running (Parkour) zone, where you can run, climb, jump, swing and balance, all the things we loved to do as children.

The Movement Playground. a beautiful backdrop to the training apparatus underpins their core values

As you walk into the facility, which sits in the bustling Pra Kanong area, on Sukhumvit 69, you will see some very simple apparatus. Their training philosophy is indeed, beautifully simple. Water, wood, fire, earth and metal. This represents flow, exploration, determination, humility and focus.

The Movement Playground: fire represents courage and explosiveness, determination.

You are greeted with an abundance of metal pipes to improve your focus and balance, big wooden blocks to climb and explore and wooden beams to practice your vaulting and jumping. Many of the movements required to negotiate this equipment, involve using explosive muscle power. This training builds discipline, focus, and resilience in your muscles. This is real, functional strength, that doesn’t just look good in a mirror.

The Movement Playground, which has two branches, was founded by the highly experienced movement practitioners Julien Vigroux, Farn Sritrairatanna and Suviroje Leelaprachakul (Soong).

We want to give this medicine to as many people as we can, because we believe that we all grow and become better as individuals through movement and obstacle training. Starting with Bangkok with no limit of expansion, we want to reach everyone.

Julien Vigroux Co-Founder of The Movement Playground
The Movement Playground instructor Philippe Koo demonstrates a vault technique

It’s a humbling experience as you watch the instructors glide seamlessly over beams into a sumptuous forward roll, or effortlessly leap like a salmon into the air and pull themselves up enormous, vertical blocks. These are the men and women I want to learn from; through discipline, practice, focus, courage and resilience they have reached the level they are at.

As the owner, Julien, told me: this is not a playground. Techniques must be learned, and fortunately, the instructors are excellent teachers. Despite their advanced level ninja skills, they are willing to share all their secrets and help you get to their level, because that’s their philosophy. They will train with you until you get it right.

Develop a capable, adaptable and functional body through natural movement patterns such as jumping, climbing, balancing, rolling etc. Nothing fancy, nothing new, this is the way our body is designed to move, this is how we have survived and our body has evolved over time.

Julien Vigroux – Co-Founder of The Movement Playground
The Movement Playground: test your upper body strength on the monkey bars

This is a space where a lot of personal development and education takes place. It’s also a space where fitness training becomes fun again and humble pie is dished out by the bucketload. You will be back to ground zero as your body and brain encounter puzzles which pose a genuine challenge, forcing you to use your brain and body to overcome them. Here lies the most significant aspect of training at The Movement Playground: you’re building mental strength as you approach and confront your greatest demon (and friend) – fear.

You will develop your mind as never before. You will discover and face your fears and your limitations, but you will find a method to overcome them, push them. You will tremendously boost your confidence through achievements, step-by-step.

Julien Vigroux – Co-Founder of The Movement Playground
The Movement Playground: obstacles like these wooden slopes await you

The Movement Playground is building a community and hosts regular events (see below) where like-minded movement enthusiasts connect, exchange and have fun together while practicing new techniques.

Upcoming events:

  • Night Run, every Friday, 7-8pm at Mega Bang Na branch
  • Obstacle Challenge, last Friday of every month, at Sukhumvit 69 branch
  • Ninja Summer Camp for kids, June 4th-August 16th

How to contact The Movement Playground:

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