The Practice Game: New Dance Battle Format For Bangkok Kids

The Practice Game Kids Dance Battle Workshop

The Practice Game has kicked off a new, freestyle dance battle event for Bangkok, including two competitions, one for kids, and one for all ages.

The inaugural battle took place at Hidden Space Cafe and Dance Studio, and invited all dance enthusiasts to their inclusive environment. They plan to stage Volume 2 in September.

The Practice Game all ages category welcomes adults 18 years and above

The kids category is 4-18 years-old and the organizers staged a workshop specifically for this age bracket prior to the competition, bringing them together and instructing them how to “battle” while staying within the boundaries of the game. The highly experienced dancer Ryan Roofus Licudan conducted the workshop.

Co-Founders Mami and Ryota Nomura are both dancers, who have two children, aged one and three years-old. Both children were in attendance to watch this friendly dance battle unfold.

This event was inspired by We got The Spot, which myself and my wife Mami regularly attended. This was a place where dancers, freestyle poets, DJs, rappers and other creative people exchanged what they have in a super friendly environment. Everyone there respected each other no matter who you are, where you are from, what you do.

Ryota Nomura – Co-Founder of The Practice Game
A strong community vibe, and respect between all at Volume One of The Practice Game

Respect is the name of the game, and although there is a competition, where 16 dancers are selected to compete against each other, Ryota and Mami are focused on fostering an atmosphere that allows the dancers to flourish.

Competition brings out the best in people, if the environment is right. Overcoming the fear of performing in front of an audience is something not everyone can conquer, adults included. It takes the right vibe to bring out the confidence, which lays dormant within all of us.

One girl was too nervous to come to the stage, so the audience gave her huge respect and reassured her: you can try again when you’re ready. This is the vibe we wanted to create with this event.

Ryota Nomura – Co-Founder of The practice Game
Dancers in their element at The Practice Game Volume One, cheered on by all in attendance

Volume Two of the Practice Game is being planned for September and they plan to come back with a few tweaks and improvements to the all ages competition. For the kids category, the dance battle will remain an “all styles” format. The Practice Game gives a strong emphasis on giving kids aged four years and above the experience of competing in a fun, friendly dance competition.

Not many young dancers in Bangkok have experienced dance battles, yet the number of kids taking up dancing classes is increasing rapidly. We wanted to bring them out of the “box” to experience another format of dance.

Ryota Nomura, Co-Founder of The Practice Game

How to get involved with The Practice Game? Check out their Facebook page:

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