Bangkok Community Fair: SENIA team up with BKK Kids at St Andrews

Helping children understand their emotions was a focus at the Community Fair

A collaboration between two organizations, SENIA Thailand and BKK Kids, who share a common goal, resulted in a community fair at St Andrews International School on Saturday 31st May 2019. This event gave us an opportunity to connect with people who are dedicating their lives to providing alternative resources for our kids – the next generation.

At some point in their lives, there is a chance our children might need access to additional services, so we want to ensure that information is accessible. Whether it’s a specific math intervention, dyslexia, physical or occupational therapy, counselling, or you are just looking for schools that promote diversity, we hope this fair offers that.

SENIA Thailand Chairperson
Friendly vibes at the Community Fair, from the people at North Light

Some well-known organizations like BAMBI were in attendance, hosting information booths which allowed us to directly connect with the people who are doing amazing things for Bangkok’s kids. Real heroes of the Bangkok community. The most powerful thing of all was connecting with organizations like Unpuzzle, North Light and Spark, whose mission is to create a society of inclusion and to provide additional educational resources for children with learning difficulties.

The Unpuzzle booth: Artwork created by a child with severe learning difficulties, called Bell.

The educational methods varied, but they mainly focused on therapy through art, craft, play and helping kids understand their emotions. Spark had the most eye-catching booth of all, as they brought two very friendly ponies, which my little one was fascinated by. This is part of the “Horse Boy Method”, where they use Equine Therapy to address the nervous system. The idea is that interacting with horses helps us explore our feelings, and this is used to treat Autism, ADD and other related conditions.

Equine Therapy as part of the Spark Center booth at St Andrews International School

This event displayed the power of community events. Bringing people together who share the same passion and vision creates an enormous show of strength. The result, as a Father, made me feel very warm inside. Knowing there are so many organizations dedicated to helping the millions of children here, who suffer learning difficulties and struggle with their emotions.

My daughter holding a stress ball at the North Light booth

SENIA Thailand is part of a larger non-profit organization called SENIA (special education network and inclusion association) that works to advocate for and provide resources/support for those who are differently abled. 

How to contact SENIA Thailand?

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