Bangkok Art Exhibition: From Monet To Kandinski

A view of the impressive mural on the ground floor of River City Bangkok

An immersive experience awaits you on the intriguing soi Charoen Krung 24 at River City Bangkok. The “From Monet to Kandinski” exhibition, which runs until July 31st 2019, brings some of the legends of Modernism to life using state-of-the-art projections and surround sound. The exhibition runs constantly from 10am to 10pm.

Lying down to soak up the experience at RCB Galleria, Contemporary Art Space at River City Bangkok

The poignancy of this exhibition lies in its content; we experience the striking art of the late 18th, and early 19th century painters, who embraced new, experimental and sometimes outlandish forms of art. Their art reflects a period in history of turbulent social change and spectacular innovation.

Projections at the Monet to Kandinski exhibition blended images of the art together, creating an interesting visual feast

True to the art itself, this exhibition epitomizes Modernism and technological innovation, and for me it was highly engaging. The whole point is to deliver the art, alongside a memorable event experience for the audience. It truly brings the art to life. I stayed for around an hour, and nobody left the spacious 1,200 square meter arena in that time. It’s comfortable, cozy and compelling. Imagine being at a cinema, watching a great movie, but you don’t sit fixed to your seat, you’re constantly moving around and following the eye-catching visuals that surround you.

The work of the great modernists of the 18th and 19th century was exhibited in spectacular fashion at River City Bangkok

In this celebration of Modernism, artistic movements such as Impressionism, Surrealism and Abstract Art reflect a period of social upheaval, innovation, and war, as depicted by the brilliance of artists like Vincent van Gogh, Claude Monet, Paul Gaugin and many more. You can witness their art displayed in the realms of this immersive exhibition, accompanied by surround sound music.

Immersive and visually stimulating arena on the 2nd floor of River City Bangkok, in the Contemporary Art zone

This exhibition is well worth a visit, and the 350THB entrance felt justified based on the experience, and the feeling it leaves you with. You will walk out of there feeling like you have experienced something quite unique. There is a sequel to this exhibition, “Italian Renaissance”, which arrives in August 2019 and will feature the legendary Da Vinci, Raphael, Botticelli and Michelangelo. I’ll not be missing that one.

Highly captivating visuals, due to the art, but also the clever projection work

This impressive exhibition was developed by Vision Multimedia Projects, and you can get to River City Bangkok via BTS to Saphan Thaksin, then a motorbike from there (50THB). Bring your camera! You will be definitely be inspired to capture some of the magnificent artwork and projections.

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