What’s Cooking At Soul Sunday?

Raising awareness through live performance in Bangkok: the third Soul Sunday took place on Sunday June 2nd 2019, at Whiteline, and BKK OX caught up with the creator of this meaningful event, Tere’ Howard.

Soul Sunday, a collaborative event, provides night of eclectic live performance, showcasing talented musicians from around the world, and their soul music. On June 2nd, Pennsylvania, US native Tere’ Howard, performed alongside a range of artists from Thailand, USA, Congo, Honduras, Spain and more. The performers were aged from eight-years-old to, well, let’s just say – mature.

Eight-year-old Ziame brought the packed crowd to their feet at Soul Sundays, at Whiteline, Silom

This event was a true summoning of Bangkok’s diverse arts community, to come together and support a worthy cause, which is the IDC Care Initiative, who provide relief and aid to immigrants who have been detained in Bangkok immigrant detention centers. Amnesty International stepped-in to sponsor the event and make it all possible.

An eclectic range of live performance is on display at Soul Sundays

The live performance created a vibe of unity and soul among the audience, who generated a powerful dialogue for those who are being detained and suffering inhumane conditions.

It was a phenomenal night of unity, love and lots of fun.

Soul Sunday truly feeds our souls in so many ways. Most importantly, it is our responsibility to help those who cannot help themselves.  That is the true spirit of Soul Sunday.

Tere’ Howard, creator of Soul Sunday
There were some heart-rendering moments at the third installment of Soul Sunday at Whiteline, Bangkok

Soul Sunday aims to provide an experience rich in diversity, “Soul Platters” are cooked fresh for sale, DJ’s provide funky beats, soulful bands and individuals come to share their art, and dancing is inevitable at this vibrant gathering. The artists, including videographers and photographers, all donate their art for the cause, and this removes the burden of finance which so often plagues the event industry.

Tere’ Howard, founder of Soul Sunday

Soul Mama Tere’ Howard recently founded Freedom Entertainment Network Movement, which was created to affect social change through the arts. Soul Sunday is an extension of her new concept.

The goal is to create an authentic African American Soul experience from my home back in the USA, and share it here in Thailand.  Together we share a cross-cultural experience, and enjoy the music and food, at Soul Sundays.

Tere’ Howard – creator of Soul Sunday

For more information about Soul Sundays, or to get involved in their next event contact Tere’ directly on: tere2freedom@gmail.com

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