Insider’s Guide To Thailand’s Top Festivals: Kolour In The Park

Buckle-up, Kolour In The Park festival is set to return on March 7th 2020, FOUR TIMES BIGGER…

It all began in Bangkok, upon a shimmering sunset in 2011. Coran Maloney and Vina Charay threw a party which had 250 revelers dancing as the sun descended upon the Chao Praya River. This gathering of like-minded souls struck the right chord with Bangkok’s party community; the vibe was strong, and they decided to keep it going. Eight years on, we’re now looking at a monumental, outdoor music festival right here in Thailand, called Kolour In The Park.

What is Kolour In The Park?

A unique, open-air boutique music festival just 50 minutes from central Bangkok. A place to meet a diverse crowd of music lovers who are open-minded and are tired of what the mainstream has to offer.

Coran Maloney – Co-Founder and MD of Kolour

The Kolour team have not looked back since that fateful sunset in 2011. They threw their first festival in 2015, which was a roaring success and gave Bangkokians the opportunity to experience an outdoor festival atmosphere in Thailand, which truly captured the magic of the big festival experience.

What genre of music will the DJs play?

Kolour In The Park is now a multi-genre music festival. You can expect the usual lashings of cutting-edge House and Techno music, which will get your body moving uncontrollably. However Kolour recently re-branded, introducing a second stage dedicated to live music influenced by Indie, Electronic, Hip Hop and Funk. The vibe, which has become synonymous with the word Kolour, was tried and test long before 2011, as Co-Founder and MD of Kolour, Coran Maloney, explained to BKK OX:

Me and Vina used to throw some killer house parties. At some point we both thought, “maybe we could turn this into a real brand” and the rest is history. I’m from a marketing background and have been DJing for many years. Vina was from an operations background, so we made the perfect duo to get things rolling.

Coran Maloney – Co-Founder and MD of Kolour

Kolour hasn’t come close to reaching its potential in Thailand. Coran is now part of a team of six working round the clock at their Thong Lo office, to ensure that the Kolour festival experience continues to blow away anything they have previously achieved.

What’s new in 2020?

Kolour will remain a one-day music festival in 2020, but the big news for Kolour In The Park 2020 is: Kolour have recently acquired a huge block of land at the existing site. This means they will have four times more space to play with on March 7th. Festival goers can expect new outdoor activities throughout the festival and a brand new stage, creating another level to the Kolour festival experience.

Our new vision with the festival is to showcase the world’s best artists, always give back to the community and to never compromise on the guests experience. We are here to grow a worldwide community through love, connection and perspective, all while throwing one hell of a party! Our big goal is to see 20,000 smiling faces on our dance floor by 2023.

Coran Maloney – Co-Founder and MD of Kolour

The fact they have extended upon the existing festival site, at Lumlukka Thai Wake Park, will be music to the ears of the Kolour faithful. This location is the ideal setting for a festival, just a short ride away from Bangkok (50 minutes), yet it feels like you’re a million miles from the densely populated, traffic laden metropolis.

Nitty Gritties:

Festival season is upon us and the Kolour community is waiting with open arms and big smiles. The next Kolour In The Park takes place at Lumlukka Thai Wake Park, on March 7th 2020, finishing at midnight, and you can get your tickets now right here.


There is no public transport route to Lumlukka Thai Wake Park. You can get there via taxi for around 500THB, private van if you’re in a big group, or car. There are a limited number of parking spots at the site.

There is also a very affordable, round-trip mini-bus service available courtesy of Kolour, which leaves from central Bangkok.


Accommodation is available on site, but it gets booked months in advance so get on it quick!

How to pay for food and drinks?

Kolour In The park uses the simple, cash-less wristband system, which you can top-up at designated booths within the grounds. Load your wristband using Thai Baht and reclaim your remaining funds before you leave the festival.


Pre-sale ticket are available now for 1200 THB, if you sign up right here


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