Bangkok Communities: Palm Pottery – Connecting People Through Clay

Bangkok’s new home for pottery? Sinee Srivikorn, founder of Palm Pottery, spoke to BKK OX about their ethos and the inspiration behind their monthly workshops, Speakeasy Pottery and Clay Meditation (Mandalas.)

Bangkok city life is fast, furious and thrilling, yet doesn’t it feel good to escape the chaos? The City of Angels is brimming with loud, busy bars, but if you’re in the mood to wind down in peace, Palm Pottery Studio offers an intriguing alternative. Palm Pottery have created a space where you can create and connect – through clay.

Sinee Srivikorn spent five years studying Graphic Design in Bournemouth, England and returned home to Bangkok five years ago with a purpose – she wanted to create art with her hands. She started learning pottery, then developed a passion for the art and two years ago, Sinee opened Palm Pottery Studio in Ratchathewi.

I discovered the benefits of Pottery through my own practice. It can be used as an activity to wind down, for meditation, it helps if you’re struggling with focus and it’s a tool for self expression. Pottery has positively impacted my life and it has helped to shape the person I am today. 

Sinee Srivikorn – Founder of Palm Pottery Studio

The studio in Ratchathewi used to be Sinee’s home, but is now a home for clay making. Sinee and two part-time teachers, Beau and Man, both graduates in Ceramics, form the Palm Pottery team. You will meet Sinee, and one of her team if you attend their upcoming workshop – Speakeasy Pottery on August 3rd. This is a unique concept, which connects the activity of winding down with friends, and creating pottery. Alcohol and snacks are welcomed in the “Speakeasy” atmosphere.

This workshop started with sessions I hosted for my friends, and they brought their own alcoholic beverages. I noticed it created a fun, relaxed mood in the studio, which everyone really enjoyed. This inspired our Speakeasy Pottery Workshop. Instead of going to the usual bars after working all day, why not drink and also create some art!

Sinee Srivikorn – Founder of Palm Pottery

The Speakeasy Pottery offers a very user-friendly vibe, with less emphasis on meditation and more emphasis on connecting with each-other, through booze and pottery. Attendees can bring their own drinks and snacks, whilst reaping the spiritual benefits from the activity. For those seeking a more focused meditation, Palm Pottery’s second workshop, Clay Meditation (Mandalas) will definitely appeal.

The aim of the Clay Meditation workshop is to help people connect with themselves (their inner child) on a deeper level by using guided meditation, and creating mandalas with symbology to help participants notice the best qualities about themselves. Also – the process of making pottery is already a meditative practice in itself! 

Sinee Srivikorn – Founder Palm Pottery

Mandala, a Sanskrit word for ‘circle’, is a symbol for the universe, wholeness and life. In this workshop you can create your own Mandalas (see above) from scratch, or you can use one of the ready-made templates if you simply feel like painting. The process of making Mandalas is used, in these workshops, to free you from the “monkey mind” and silence the inner chaos which surges through the human body.

For any mothers or fathers reading this, Palm Pottery Studio offer an excellent alternative activity for children. Sinee’s first ever pottery workshop, “Learning from Nature” allows children to sketch, and then create some pottery using the inspirations they have drawn from nature.

BKK OX is thrilled to see this community growing, as like-minded people connect, through art and Palm Pottery Studio is most certainly a place where personal growth, and well being, can be achieved for all ages.

Upcoming event:

Speakeasy Pottery Workshop: This will take place at Palm Pottery Studio, in Ratchathewi (see map below), from 5-8pm. The price is 2200THB for Handbuilding, and 2800THB for Handbuilding and Wheelthrowing.

Contact Palm Pottery:




Instagram: @palmpotterystudio

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