Forest of Play: Chula and PlanToys Collaborate to Create a Kid Heaven

Forest of Play is an interactive exhibition for children aged 1-6 years-old, held at Exhibition Hall, Office of Art and Culture, Chulalongkorn University – a beautiful, prestigious, very green part of Bangkok. It runs from 9-5pm, every day, until 25 September, 2019.

The exhibition is a collaboration by Chula’s Office of Art and Culture, and PlanToys, a Global company which manufactures toys made from wood, which are focused on developing the imagination and brain power of children in their early, formative years. PlanToys are massive propagators of sustainable materials and child development, through “bringing children to understand what nature gives back to them.”

The exhibition, which is free entry, is a unique playground, which has been created with so much thought and care. My one-year-old girl was probably the youngest child there, but she was absolutely in her element – as was every child in sight. Please note that on weekends, it gets very busy at Forest of Play, as you would expect.

The level of engagement, and creative euphoria was quite overwhelming. There are countless activities, which are designed to stimulate the brain,  and invite the imagination to run free. Every station provides a new moment of inspiration for your kids.

The most important period of human development is in the first six years of childhood, the golden period, when learning potential and developing perception are at its fastest, and most progressive.

Chula Museum

Activities at Forest of Play include: language & memory games, early math play, gross-motor play, fine-motor play, sensory play, imaginative & social play, creative play, music, and colours. I saw my little girl doing things she had never done before, like load up a shopping trolley with giant, colourful blocks. It was amazing to see how the well-designed equipment connected with her brain. Her level of focus on the equipment was laser-like, despite bigger, older children bounding and crashing around her. 

We spent around an hour in Forest of Play, as each and every section of the playground offered something new and fresh for the little one’s brain to devour. It was a timely reminder that the power of a young child’s brain and the speed at which it develops, is limitless. If you allow them the opportunity and put them in the right environment, their ability to socialize, problem solve, and create will grow exponentially. There are no boundaries to what humans are capable of, and it begins in the early years. 

Chulalongkorn and PlanToys have collaborated to create something special in Forest of Play. Despite feeling like a small, congested space on weekends, I believe it’s a worthwhile trip for all families with younger children in Bangkok. During the week, when it’s less chaotic, would be the optimum time to visit. As a parent, admittedly, it was tiring protecting my tiny little one from big, excited children charging around her! However, she had the time of her life in there.

The exact location is the Exhibition Hall, Office of Art and Culture. There is no parking there, so you will need to find parking elsewhere around the grounds of Chula, then walk to Forest of Play from there. Outside the Forest of Play area, there is a cafe where parents can relax and purchase some PlanToys equipment on display.

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