Bangkok Collaborative Art: The Fabric Of Memory

BKK OX looks ahead to an evening of immersive live performance, taking place at Sathorn 11 Art Space on Saturday (August 24), inspired by the theme: “The Fabric of Memory.”

The Fabric of Memory: An Evening of Performance Art will combine poetry, song, dance and music in a sequence of five performances, inspired by a textile art exhibition, which opened this weekend at Sathorn 11 Art Space. Rory Breaker-Morant, a performer and facilitator on the Bangkok performing arts circuit, will join forces with Project C, and the band Ten Layers of Air for this blurring of boundaries between the arts.

Sathorn 11 Art Space is an international art gallery located on Sathorn soi 11, which utilizes a second space, Art Wine Dine, as a community area, where you can relax, converse, eat and drink. The performance will be making use of both spaces, blending improvisation with rehearsed, original works in this intriguing, interactive exhibition.

The performers involved are: Rory Breaker-Morant, Pavida Wachirapanyaporn (Mint), Marcia Benedicta Peschke, Pran Limchuenjai (Paul), Plubploy Sirata (Ploy), Bental Bental Satisfied (Ben), and Pump Khamkanist.

One great aspect to Sathorn 11 Art Space is that there are two “stages” – the gallery, and the dining/social space called “Art Dine Wine”. This allows us to tell a story over two distinct settings and therefore take the audience on richer, more immersive journeys of storytelling.

Rory Breaker-Morant – Performing Artist and Organizer

The collaboration between Rory Breaker-Morant and Project C (who specialize in contact improvisation) first happened in July, for the show Art X Art = Connection. The experience left Rory inspired, and he quickly took the first opportunity to re-kindle the magic.

Performing with Project C was a profound experience for me. The combination of performing poetry whilst blindfolded & moved/manipulated by the dancers took me deeper into the poem than I had ever been before. It was a pivotal moment for me in terms of growth as a performer.

Rory Breaker-Morant – Performing Artist and Organizer

On Saturday, the audience will be treated to five sequences of live performance, which will include improvised, freestyle words and music. The freestyle form has long-since been proliferated by Rory Breaker-Morant, and he continues to support its growth in various bespoke parties and shows around Bangkok. Freestyle form, by definition, is a tool for personal growth via “freeing yourself” and unlocking your potential through words. It’s also a compelling form of live performance, as you witness, live, the performer delivering words which are unabated, and fresh.

In this upcoming show, Rory and the performance team will deliver freestyle magic and more, as he continues his growing connection with Sathorn 11 Art Space in this latest live performance which takes on the theme: The Fabric of Memory.

“The strands of cotton that intertwine to create a fabric are like the strands of memories that intertwine to create a life. As members of a society, our lives are the individual strands that interact to produce the fabric of the world we live in.”

Rory Breaker-Morant – Performing Artist and Organizer

Event Details:

Location: Sathorn 11 Art Space/

Date : Saturday 24 August 2019

Price: Free Entry


5:00 pm :  Doors open

7:00 pm :  Drinks specials & enjoy ‘The Fabric of Memory’ collective art exhibition by textile artists Janice Stevens, Sasiwimol Sujit, Sunisa Assawinrungroj, Patcharisa Suwannarat, Nilraya Bundasak and Thitiprom Onpiam

8:30 pm :  Live creation of art-inspired performances, followed by Q & A with artists

9:30 pm : After party!!

Upcoming events featuring Rory Breaker-Morant:

Bangkok Poetry Slam – Spoken word poetry competition

Lylu Lab Jams – Spoken word poetry with musical accompaniment, feat. Maurizo Ghisleni

Bombyx Storytelling Workshop – Interactive Storytelling workshop

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