Gabriela Moriarty Brings Five Element Cacao Ceremony to Bangkok

For many moons, Cacao Ceremonies have been helping humans heal, connect and achieve inner awakenings. Raw cacao unlocks a profound state of being, releasing the natural medicine we already have inside our bodies, into our veins. As our blockages are opened up, oxygen flows freely and unleashes a sense of peace, clarity and joy within us. Now, thanks to Gabriela Moriarty, Bangkok can experience a Cacao Ceremony, where like-minded people come together and share these benefits in Gabriela’s unique, engaging style.

Cacao is known in tribal circles as the “food of the gods”, which enables you to express yourself freely, with no fear. It’s a true superfood, with an astounding number of benefits for your body, such as being a rich source of magnesium, anandamide (the “bliss molecule”), and it boosts serotonin levels in the brain. These elements combine to relax, stimulate and invigorate your body. Below is a testimonial from Gabriela’s first Bangkok Cacao Ceremony in July:

Gabriela Moriarty, one of the founding members of Bangkok Lyrical Lunacy, is bringing the Cacao Ceremony to the big city in the form she knows best – dancing. A student of Clinical Art Therapy in Process, Gabriela once learned the Five Element Dance from her mentor Daisy Kaye, and determined to share it with her friends and loved ones in Bangkok. Gabriela recalls her first Cacao Ceremony:

It was in Koh Phangnan with Daisy Kaye at The Sanctuary. I remember moving my body in creative ways, alighting, skipping, crying – it was like a ‘romcom’ with myself in front of a whole group of people high on chocolate. I felt my body breathed deeply, softly. I felt my heart beating with joy. 

Gabriela Moriarty – Bangkok Lyrical Lunacy

The Sanctuary was, and still is, a place for spiritual healing on the island of Koh Phangan, where Gabriela spent three years absorbing their methods.

Raw cacao has powerful healing properties, and is used by those who prefer natural remedies over modern, pharmaceutical medicine. It can heal physical ailments, connect people through oneness and love, be used as a meditation, release energy blockages in your body and unleash a burst of creativity. Add a very welcoming, inclusive environment with like-minded people, some intention setting and dancing to the mix, and we have the very meaningful Cacao Ceremony experience.

Rituals are tools that helps us in times of transition. They give us the freedom to set a strong intention and take responsibility to move in the direction of that intention. Ceremonies and rituals allows us to create purpose in our experiencing. Our task is to seize and shape the experiences consciously, deliberately, and joyfully.

Gabriela Moriarty – Bangkok Lyrical Lunacy

For the purpose of the Cacao Ceremony, Raw cacao will be mixed with some superfoods, and other natural ingredients into a deeply medicinal drink, which can be enjoyed by everyone.

The gathering will start with a circle as we share our intentions and gratitude. Then, we will journey through the five Elements from Earth, Water, Fire, and Air in a movement meditation cultivating the qualities of each of the elements as we embody the flow of nature. Then we enter into the last element, Ether, that is the space holding everything together, just as the Dao holds the Yin and Yang. Ether is where each person integrates and finds that they no longer do the dancing, but rather the body dances to the music that is within.

Gabriela Moriarty – Bangkok Lyrical Lunacy

Also on this night, adding to the intrigue, will be a “mini moon” or the smallest moon, as the moon is furthest from the earth on its rotational path – giving a new perspective to the night sky. We live in an age of human disconnection. The frantic, big city life has little time for ceremonies, and bonding as human beings. Thanks to Gabriela, Bangkok will now have that rare opportunity.

Whether we know it or not, we all long for meaningful connection with ourselves, each other, and nature because we have been disconnected. 

Gabriela Moriarty – Bangkok Lyrical Lunacy

Important Information about the event:

  • No prior experience or knowledge of cacao ceremonies are required

4th Floor of Hawaii Tower Sukhumvit 23, Soi Prasanmit

Saturday September 14th, 5 – 8pm
(You are required to arrive at least 10 minutes early)


Lyrical Lunacy Members: 450THB

Non-Members: 600THB

Door Price: 750THB

Get your tickets here

Things to bring:
* Filled Water bottle (preferably refillable and not single use plastic)
* Comfortable clothes which allow you to move around freely
* Bring a change of clothes because you will be sweating a lot (optional)
* An open heart and an open mind
* Unconditional curiosity

What can you experience during a cacao ceremony?

  • A heart opening and connection
  • Movement meditation
  • Silences and sounds the body freely and naturally wants to create
  • Freedom to be seen and heard in your expression
  • Balance and Embodiment
  • Creativity
  • Openness and Vulnerability
  • New Found respect for the rhythm, elements, and qualities in Mother Nature

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