Sew Child: An Exhibition By Lomfang Lakornpol

Sew Child is an art exhibition at 10ml Cafe Gallery, which runs from 14-25th September 2019. This exhibits Lomfang Lakornpol’s collection of embroidery, a three year journey, which communicates a powerful message about what children can teach us.

Brightness, innocence and the child’s imagination mean a lot to me. I try to keep these things to preserve my own child’s heart as I grow up in a world that needs maturity. Maintaining a child’s perspective is a quality that we may preserve in our adult life

Lomfang Lakornpol

Lomfang Lakornpol is a graduate of Fine and Applied Arts at Thammasat University, who took an unconventional path after finishing her studies – she went freelance.

I wanted to use what I love to support myself. My greatest gift is having parents who support the choices I make

Lomfang Lakornpol

Lomfang carved a living for herself through embroidery, via customized, commissioned work, selling various products, teaching, and now she has arrived at her maiden exhibition at the friendly little 10ml. Cafe gallery on Vipavadi Rangsit Road.

Each of the heart rendering pieces took up to two weeks to complete; a labour of love. After an exhausting, quite lonely three years creating this body of work, she’s finally arrived to present her work to the people of Bangkok.

As soon as I saw this little room, after the setup was finished, my heart started beating faster. The feeling of tiredness gradually disappeared. I got to know more people in the art world. I drew a lot of energy from these conversations. The encouragement told me: I can continue to do what I love

Lomfang Lakornpol

Sew Child is a moving collection of work, which implores us to re-discover our inner child in a world which is increasingly focused on conflict, competition and consumption. Lomfang’s exhibition reminds us that we must cherish moments with joy, as children do.

Lomfang believes her craft can be used as a powerful healing force.

Actually, I think that all art can heal the body and mind, but crafts take more time than other fields of art. Therefore embroidery is suitable for people who want to relax, practice meditation and keep calm.

Lomfang Lakornpol

Lomfang recently had the opportunity to introduce her craft to autistic children, as part of an Art Therapy initiative in a hospital. She volunteered to teach the children for 10 weeks, one session-per-week. The goal was to develop their body, concentration and mind. The result of her work moved doctors, guardians and volunteers to tears.

On the first day, the children didn’t co-operate and ran all over the room. The last day, the children produced a long piece of woven fabric, they used their hand muscles more fluently and they were able to concentrate until the they had finished. The physical and mental development of the children was clear to see.

Lomfang Lakornpol

You can find Lomfang and her embroidery online, and contact her via:



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