Bangkok Bands: The Pumpkin Thieves

The Pumpkin Thieves are here! A colourful new Pop/Rock band has emerged out of Bangkok’s Live Music scene, featuring an all- star cast of singers, composers, heart-throbs and musical maestros. They are (left to right): Mark (drums), Angel (guitar/vocals), Kaiah (electric guitar/vocals), Mako (bass, vocals) and Fox (piano/vocals). Here’s their debut single, a video directed by Daniel Nuss, freshly plucked from Bangkok’s zesty Original Music tree: “เธอจะไปไหน”, Ter Ja Pai Nai?

BKK OX talked to the man with the plan, who conceived and put together this league of legends, Mr Preeyakit “Fox” Buranasin. The Fox is a man who lights up the stage with his energy, and can be seen banging out The Beatles and Elton John at Open Mics around the city, such as Live Lounge Bkk on Mondays, and Queen Bee on Tuesdays. However, behind the scenes, the loveable Fox has been digging out and dusting off his original works, one of which has become this debut single with The Pumpkin Thieves.

Although Bangkok is a large place, its music scene is not. Independent musicians like me hop from open mic to open mic to try to find a home. We jam and jam with so many wandering musicians. Some work. Some don’t. I took my time recruiting the Pumpkin Thieves.

Preeyakit “Fox” Buranasin

Mark was the first to join. He and I were in The Teachers, a Rock cover band that fell apart a few years back because two of our band members had to go abroad. He loves the Rolling Stones and I love The Beatles. We were on the same wavelength in terms of music. 60’s Rock and Roll was in our blood. 

Preeyakit “Fox” Buranasin

Kaiah is the cool lead guitar player every band wants to have. He’s confident, loud, and he never shies away from a solo. You cannot help yourself but be taken away when he goes into his overdrive trance. This guitar slinger has mastered all the three main genres of electric guitar: Rock, Blues and Jazz. Kaiah was in five different bands when I first met him. I had to steal him away from them. I did so with no remorse. I was a thief in need and I needed him.

Preeyakit “Fox” Buranasin

I met Angel quite recently at Live Lounge Bkk. I immediately noticed her angelic voice when she jammed with another musician on stage. Soon after I went up and together we did Alicia Keys’ “If I Ain’t Got You” and the crowd went mad. Her voice and mine blended so well together. It was so effortless. When I found out later (from stalking her on Facebook) that she also played the acoustic guitar, I knew what I had to do. I asked her to join my band of bandits very soon after and she immediately said ‘yes’.

Preeyakit “Fox” Buranasin

Mako, my music sensei, is the most experienced man in our band. He has been playing music since before I was born. I saw him first at an open mic at Queenbee. His technique and his sense of rhythm were impeccable. It was hard befriending him at first because of his stoic personality. He was so quiet and so humble. Things changed when he sent me some of his original music. His music arrangement skills were so perfect and precise, like his playing style. I knew then that he would be an invaluable band member. 

Preeyakit “Fox” Buranasin

Of course, a band cannot be without a song. And it was my song, Ter Ja Pai Nai (เธอจะไปไหน) that glued us all together and now we are as thick as thieves. It may be my song that gave us the start, but I am not the only composer in the band. I’m sure you will hear wonderful songs from Mako, Kaiah, Angel and Mark very soon. Angel will be taking lead vocals in my next composition. Prepare to have your hearts stolen!

Preeyakit “Fox” Buranasin

Look out for the Pumpkin Thieves, as they prepare to embark upon a magical musical journey together in the City of Angels. With such a prolific group of songwriters, it’s exciting to see what music they have in the offing.

All of us are composers. We love writing music. Only the best songs will make it out from our creative rooms. Also, we have two lead singers, which a rarity these days. 

Preeyakit “Fox” Buranasin

The Pumpkin Thieves online:


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