Bangkok Art: Unfolding Kafka Festival 2019

Credit: Anne Breduillieard

The works of Franz Kafka inspire this cross-cultural, cross-discipline festival of contemporary art, which arrives in Bangkok/Chiang Mai on October 26 – December 15, founded and directed by Jitti Chompee.

Credit: Bruno Simao

This is the third installment of the biennial festival and is entitled “Kafka Zoo.” This theme will explore the wild side of Kafka’s animal and crossbreed characters. The exhibition will use choreography, physical movement, installations, sculptures and visual arts to exhibit the works of renowned international artists.

Contemporary art is relevant because it is created in the now, and it talks about our reality, it talks about us.

Jitti Chompee -Founder and Director
Credit: Christophe Raynaud de Lage

Jitti Chompee’s inspiration for the festival came from a performance he witnessed in Hamburg, Germany at Tanzplattform 2014. This was a dance piece, inspired by Kafka’s novel “Der Bau”, performed by Isabelle Shad and Laurent Goldring. This moment captured Jitti’s imagination and he determined to bring this visual art form to Thailand.

I think this is a new perspective (for Thailand), that should be introduced to art students and creators here

Jitti Chompee – Founder and Director
Credit: Dieter Hartwig

Kafka Zoo will feature a diverse range of contemporary art mediums, such as dance, new circus, sculptural installations and film. The exhibition will immerse you in Kafka’s imagination and serve as a breeding ground for thought, discussion and creative exchange between Bangkok/Chiang Mai’s Arts community.

Credit: Fa-Hsuan Chen

Kafka Zoo proposes you a unique landscape of conceptual works with a strong visual and an untamed wilderness to create a dialogue about societal issues like identity and gender through animalism and daring points of view

Unfolding Kafka Festival
Credit: Marie Eve Heer

For more details about the festival, visit Unfolding Kafka’s comprehensive website: or email one of their very helpful team at:

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