Bangkok Live Music: Phum’s Kick Kick Comeback

KickKick is my self, my truth. I do this because I love to do it. I have a lot of things I want to talk about in my writing and my music. I hope everyone can relate.

Phummiphat Tamkoksoong

Phummiphat Tamkoksoong is making his comeback to the Bangkok music scene, with his solo project, Kick Kick. The Former Corn Can drummer and lead singer of The Hook started this project seven years ago, and now he’s bringing it back to life. You can see The Comeback at Live Lounge Bkk this Friday night. His latest single has Phum’s trademark smooth style and production.

Phum, who was nominated for 2012 Male Artist Of The Year, and New Artist Of The Year (Fat Awards), knows the music game inside out. For three years he worked behind the scenes as a Producer and Songwriter for GMM Grammy. His creativity and flair for songwriting was behind the success of many high profile artists. In 2016 he returned to the stage as POOM, under Me Records Label.

Phum’s ability to write a song which resonates with the public has been proven again and again. He writes timeless songs which get covered and played endlessly. With Ton Jakrit (guitarist in Silly Fools Band) he wrote and produced the song “ทำได้แค่เศร้า”.

He went on to write and produce the song “เรื่องจริงทำไม่ได้, but none of these songs ever quite matched the success of “อย่ากลัวการกลับมา”, which he wrote with The Hook. Despite no record label being interested in this song at the time, it has almost reached 50 million views on Youtube.

I learned something valuable in this experience, that if you really believe in something – just do it. You won’t regret it.

Phummiphat Tamkoksoong

Poom’s re-branding shows his eye for style. His curly, permed hair could become iconic, together with his tracksuit and chic image. He has ‘the look’, so what can we expect from his music?

I keep my songs simple, but I’ve improved the sound design. I want my songs to be an easy listen, but when you play it on a good speaker, or with earphones, you will feel like you’re on a rollercoaster listening to pop music.

Phummiphat Tamkoksoong

Phum landed a job at LoveIs Records and spent some time supporting artists with his eye for design, image and branding. They recognized his creative flair and made him part of their Creative team. Yet it was only a matter of time before he returned to the stage, and got back to writing and producing his own songs – a gift he truly has.

My songs are still alive, songs like “ลืม”, which I wrote 15 years ago, still gets covered and played live by others. This motivated me to make some new music for people who appreciate my songs.

Phummiphat Tamkoksoong

The comeback of Phumiphat Tamkoksoong as KickKick is just another chapter in Phum’s epic musical story. He will join an eclectic line-up this Friday night at Live Lounge Bkk, also featuring Harmonic Distortion, The Note, and Passion of Anna.

My goal is to make people feel good with my music, and give them positive energy in life

Phumiphat Tamkoksoong

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Twitter: kickkick_p

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