Bangkok Families: Lilliput Thailand

I am a mother of two children, and the desire to provide a clean, joyful environment for kids was the main motivation for me to launch Lilliput.

Liliput Owner

Lilliput Kids Cafe is a premium brand from Korea, which has landed in Bangkok on Sukhumvit 26 – within Bambini Villa complex. There are 60 Lilliput branches in 5 countries worldwide.

When you pick up the Lilliput menu, hand crafted from wood, the quality of design sparkles before your eyes. It’s an artistic creation, possibly the most stylish menu I have ever held in my hands. The menu offers high quality food made fresh, including their signature woodfired pizzas.

This is the first cafe I have seen a 50/50 style coffee cup. So if you like to treat your tastebuds, you can have two styles for the price of one. I ordered an American/Latte, which was a strange experience, but I liked it.

The Lilliput entry fee is 600THB for kids, and adults get free entry providing they each order something from the menu. This price comes with free locker storage. So what makes Lilliput premium? The quality of toys and cleanliness are two stand-out points for me. The toys are either made from wood, paper, or soft fabric mostly.

Small, imaginative touches like the kids’ food plates, delivered on a rubber airplane, show the attention to detail in this cafe. The style of the cafe is backed up by substance, every little detail is accounted for.

As you might have noticed, most kids’ menus in restaurants are either tasteless or include harmful ingredients MSG (monosodium glutamate) in them. We plan to make ‘Lilliput Kids Café’ a safe & clean location with healthy food for both parents and children.

Liliput Owner

Lilliput is like a small village with various zones, some connected, running along the side of the cafe. Running through the middle of the venue are the tables, where the adults try to get a breather. It’s chaotic on weekends, but very intricately designed.

The kids’ play areas are designed to inspire creative role playing, climbing, bouncing and exploring. There’s huge variety and it’s suitable for young ones too, like my one-year-old girl, who had an absolute ball. Little ones can even ride a carousel safely, which was my daughter’s first experience of that.

The model dinosaur set was a wonderful touch. I saw kids of all ages enjoying this. Who doesn’t get sucked in by the allure of dinosaurs?

The little kitchen provides kids the opportunity to become masterchefs, or simply to create a beautiful mess.

The ball pool at Lilliput, like the entire cafe, is very clean and aesthetically gorgeous. It’s adjoined to the bouncy castle, so your kids can bounce right into the pool – hopefully when the coast is clear!

The Lilliput cafe also has a party room, for birthdays and special occasions. This is something the owner plans to expand upon, as they look to build upon the vision of a Lilliput universe.

We are in the process of launching a lunch box service, and diverse classes for kids. We are constantly working on new menu developments, such as our ‘child-care service’ for busy urban parents (coming soon). We look forward to being a ‘friend’ and lend a helpful hand as a friend would, to all families.

Liliput Owner

Like the world Gulliver discovered on his travels, Lilliput is small and as an adult you will feel like a giant in there. Yet it gets all the important things right. The service, the cleanliness, the imaginative design, the high quality toys and crucially, a safe, fun environment for kids.

Contact Lilliput:


Instagram: lilliput_thailand


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