Hidden Gems: A Book With No Name

Many people always say “nobody reads books anymore”, but we never believed that. Our community here is proving that.

Donut, Co – Founder A Book With No Name

Samsen Road is the home of a growing community of artistic bookworms. Passionate readers gather from all walks of life, all thanks to the atmosphere created by Donut and Ka at their creative space: A Book With No Name. Donut and Ka share a connection from their days studying Art at Silapakorn University. The Romance of this Old Town area, situated near the Grand Palace and their old university, stuck with them.

We love old town. We studied about art and old town has so many materials to inspire art: people, pollution, atmosphere, architecture, history etc. I love this atmosphere. This building is the King’s property, more than 50 years old.

Donut, Co – Founder A Book With No Name
A community of bookworms and artistic people

A Book With No Name offers a vast selection of worldwide novels translated to Thai language, hand-picked by the owners themselves. The peace, and the warm atmosphere rush over you like a soft wave. A range of avid readers, both Thai and International, read, or chat quietly and enjoy the wide range of drinks and homemade cakes on offer.

Peppermint Mocha and Homemade Carrot Cake – WOW!

Nowadays, I think people like to find a place to release their soul from its shell, to sit and absorb some good vibes. I know our space can help with this.

Donut, Co – Founder A Book With No Name
Mr “Kha”, an artist and Co Founder of this space

A Book With No Name is becoming a little creative hub. They recently hosted an acoustic music event, and plan to host handicraft workshops and “book talks”. The secret ingredient to the relaxing ambience here? The furry animals, of course.

One of many furry legends here

We built this place with love and passion, it’s our dream. We have a variety of readers, Doctors, Nurses, Students, Writers, Designers, Teachers, Monks etc. We love to meet new people.

Donut, Co – Founder A Book With No Name
Frequent visitor of A Book With No Name, Aom and my little Wela

I felt good the moment I entered this little space, which is so much more than a bookshop. I was keen on reading some simple, Thai poetry, and sure enough the owners found me a book of poetry I could understand, written by รงค์ วงศ์สวรรค์”. Their range of books, featuring many legendary classics, reveal the owners’ passion for learning and exploration.

Books and inspiration await

This place was born out of pure imagination. One book in particular provided the spark, and the vision, which would become: A Book With No Name.

We found a book called: ‘Time Was Soft there: A Paris Sojourn at Shakespeare & Co.” This book cracked everything in our minds. It inspired us to catch our dream. We love reading and we drive each other to read more and more.

Donut, Co – Founder A Book With No Name
Art, books and a cat – all in one

Time is soft here, and I urge you to go and spend some of yours in this unique, little Bangkok gem, in Old Town, the City of Angels.

How to get there?

  • Type ‘A Book With No Name’ in Google Maps
    or click this link : https://g.page/Abookwithnoname?share
  • Car : Park at Archivasilp Art Vocational College (500 meter from the cafe)
  • Public transportation (Bus) : 3, 524, 30, 14, 66
  • BTS : Victory monument or Saphan khwai station (then a taxi bike)
  • MRT : taopoon station (then a taxi bike)
Founders of A Book With No Name, Donut and Ka

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