This Matters Presents: Mind The Unseen Heart (A Journey to Wholeness)

March 14th kicks off a groundbreaking, multi-faceted art exhibition at Sathorn 11 Art Space, which aims to inspire a new dialogue about mental health. This Matters: Mind the Unseen Heart (A Journey to Wholeness) will be curated by Gabriela Moriarty, who will explore mental health through a festival of art, performance and mindfulness – spanning over 16 days and ten events.

Perhaps the most misunderstood topic of our generation, mental health continues to perplex and frustrate humanity. The exhibition, which ends on March 31st, is free entry, and will deliver a series of stunning pieces of art and live performance.

For the duration of this epic journey through art and mental health, Sathorn 11 Art Space will showcase the work of various artists including Gabriela’s sister, Petite Fleur Lukae Paschal aka Theresa Ann Moriarty (March 31, 1986 – January 27, 2010), who died following a bout of mental health struggles.

I grew spiritually closer to my sister after her death. Through her art, I noticed how similar my own life and passions were to hers. She was, however, less inhibited than me. I felt afraid to follow my passion for fear of the isolation she suffered.

Gabriela Moriarty

Inspired by her sister, Gabriela will unveil the breathtaking artwork of Petite Fleur Lukae Paschal, Karma Sirikogar, Nalinee Diosara, Jesse Noemind and Rachel Elizabeth Szewczuk. The works will be displayed on both floors of the gallery open for public viewing from 5pm-12am, Tuesday-Sunday throughout the exhibition from March 14-31, 2020.

Gabriela Moriarty

It wasn’t until I experienced my own spiritual aloneness and emergency/’emergence’ that I understood what a ‘mental crisis’ was. I looked over the edge, into my own abyss, so that I could understand what my sister might have been going through. After I emerged from my own ordeal, I felt called to invite other people to share their own mental health journey as well.

Gabriela Moriarty

What to Expect:·

  • An eclectic range of works from several talented artists displayed at the gallery venue
  • Special nights dedicated to a specific art form featuring poets, performers, storytellers, dancers, musicians, and comedians
  • Conversations with professionals in the mental health field
  • Audience participation and opportunities to practice mindfulness
  • New resources to hold yourself and others with loving kindness
  • Q&A and Artist Talks
Jesse Noemind

What to Bring:

  • Presence
  • Vulnerability and tenderness towards others’ vulnerabilities
  • Self-responsibility and collective consideration
  • Unconditional curiosity

For additional information and purchase information, contact Gabriela Moriarty at or call +6681-172-0774.

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