Director Ethan Oulton on his Magnificent Seven and Shakespeare

We walk into rehearsal after long days, shed our personal issues and laugh….and laugh…and laugh some more. We have had so much fun rehearsing this and I hope the actors have a blast performing it. I am excited to watch these powerful women on stage. 

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Director Ethan Oulton has given himself a rip-roaring assignment in Bangkok Community Theatre’s upcoming production “The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged)”. Aside from squeezing Shakespeare’s 37 plays into a 97-minute production, he has cast seven women in a play, which originally had just three characters, all male.

Once the auditions concluded, the all-female cast was, by far, the most exciting option. I was very keen to put these amazing, strong women together and be a part of what they create.

Ethan Oulton – Director

This production, originally written by  Adam Long, Daniel Singer and Jess Winfield, is not for Shakespeare purists, but aims to reach a wider audience, whilst playfully teaching us about the legendary playwright, who is often misunderstood.

Shakespeare is so important in our understanding of ourselves as humans. His work is one of the most poetic and beautiful transcriptions of the human condition the world has ever known.  We hope to show that Shakespeare’s work can be accessible and still has relevance in the 21st Century.

Ethan Oulton – Director

If you don’t get Shakespeare, it doesn’t matter. Bangkok Community Theatre promise an entertaining parody of the playwright, which breaks the fourth wall and gets the audience involved. The seven heroines will outrageously condense Shakespeare’s mastery, singing rap songs, whilst communicating the great English playwright through a postmodern mouthpiece.

I’m extremely fortunate to get the opportunity to work with such talented, intelligent, hilarious women. Having worked with many of them before, I went into this with an existing and profound respect for many of these women. That respect has only grown.

Ethan Oulton – Director

So, BCT have turned this play on its head, and indeed the male-centered Shakespearean tradition, by casting women in male roles. Let’s remember that due to the laws in England during Shakespearean times, only males could be cast in roles, whether they were female or not! After speaking with Ethan, BKK OX has high hopes for this production, and the energy levels are set to be through the roof. What magic will be unveiled at Creative Industries, M-Theatre on March 19th?

Laughter, mayhem, and a fun education in Shakespeare’s works! We had to dismantle the whole show and rebuild it to be relevant to a cast of seven women. Many of original play’s jokes just don’t work with women saying them, some of them didn’t age well either, so you will see some brand new ones!

Ethan Oulton – Director

Go and find out what Ethan and his seven strong, powerhouse female cast have created together, at Creative Industries, M-Theatre, from March 19th to 22nd.

There will be six shows: Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday evenings, with additional matinee performances on Saturday and Sunday. Get your tickets HERE

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged) is for those who love as well as those who hate Shakespeare; this play provides entertainment for everyone.

Bangkok Community Theatre

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