We Are Publishing Your Poetry

With our Facebook campaign “Big City Voices” we are publishing your poetry on BKK OX. Please send us your words, to bkkox1@gmail.com, and we will publish your poetry. You can also message our FB page directly.

Your voice is very important to us, and meaningful. Our goal is to spread poetry online as much as possible during this period of increased isolation. You can write in English language or Thai, whichever you’re more comfortable with.

Many people still believe poetry is difficult to write, and is beyond their capability. We promise you , it’s not. Poetry is simply an outpouring of your true feelings, and emotions. The deeper you go into yourself, the more authentic the poem will be.

Some people like to write poetry which follows a certain pattern, structure, or rhythm. That’s fine, and free form poetry is also fine, which could be anything you create yourself. There are no rules to poetry, write freely. It’s liberating.

We can’t wait to receive your poems. So – let’s start writing!

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