Klynton Lawrence Brings Silent Vibes to Bangkok’s Brownstone

We are trying to stir things with these events, not conform to the mainstream

Klynton Lawrence has organized many events under his Silent Vibes banner, but this one was fueled by a different kind of meaning. The timing of this event, a screening of the Netflix premier of Spike Lee’s “Da 5 Bloods”, was perfect. The wave of emotion worldwide, amid protests and a pandemic, served as a poignant backdrop.

Spike Lee is renowned for his brilliance in stirring up powerful sentiment, and depicting the struggles of Black America. Klynton wasn’t especially moved by this latest perspective of the Vietnam War.

I’m not really into war movies, and the Vietnam War theme has been a little over-played for me. There were some nice moments in this, but “Do The Right Thing” is still my favourite Spike Lee joint.

Klynton Lawrence

Klynton may not have relished the movie’s subject matter, but he knew its release, and this event, served a larger purpose. It was an opportunity to build a sense of one community, with a multi-national audience sharing this deep, cinematic experience together.

It’s both an individual, and shared experience. The headphones really draw you deep into the movie, yet you’re sharing this dramatic experience with others.

Klynton Lawrence

The Silent Vibes screening was held at Brownstone Studio, an iconic venue in Bangkok which supports original, experimental art. For the first time Klynton brought the entire setup, with a big screen and wireless headphones for all, creating his own, pop-up cinema. The headphones deliver an immersive audio experience for each individual.

In the last two years we took our Silent Vibes dome to festivals, and we are now bringing this concept to Bangkok, where we can simply pop up and provide a nice experience for people in the area – and add to what is already going on there.

Klynton Lawrence

Silent cinema brings a unique experience to Bangkok, and will ignite the curiosity of its rapidly developing arts scene. It may not be mainstream, but that is exactly why Klynton does what he does.

It’s against the grain. An opportunity to do something which is not prescribed or dictated as part of our normal daily routine. You can go there, take off your work hat, your daddy hat, whatever hat you’re wearing, and explore whoever you want to be.

Klynton Lawrence

Klynton works tirelessly to bring people together and create spaces for like-minded people to spark meaningful connections. His perspective sees all humanity’s struggles as a shared responsibility, with togetherness and co-operation being our most powerful tool.

I feel, and we all feel. The emotion and feeling is what’s important, not the bullshit around it. We are all stakeholders in this and we all have a part to play. We need to get rid of our egos a bit and move forward together, in communities.

Klynton Lawrence

In the wake of George Floyd’s death at the hands of Minneapolis Police in America, Klynton finds himself in an odd situation. As a British Black Jamaican man with a racially mixed heritage, he doesn’t feel a personal sense of racial struggle. He believes the troubled times serve as an opportunity for all humans to reflect, and revise their outlook.

Hopefully this will be a catalyst for people to start questioning everything, and indeed, a mirror to show where our perspective is at.

Klynton Lawrence

All photography was provided by the Digital Creator extraordinaire Franki Soul, follow her on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/franki_soul/

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