Live In The Box: A Beacon For Original Music In Bangkok

Everyone came together with a clear goal, to let the artists shine and their music speak for itself.

Bangkok’s live music scene may be suffering, but there is a light shining bright in the heart of Thong Lor, named Speakerbox. They have started work on a new project, producing cutting edge live sessions of original bands in Bangkok, to be released on the Speakerbox Youtube channel.

“Live In The Box” will invite Bangkok bands to a perform a live session (around 4 songs), where they will be filmed, mixed live, and at the end of the editing process, a video will be released. Check out their first Live In Box session right here, featuring the astounding “Hope The Flowers”, filmed by Rebirth Productions.

The Live In The Box team comprises: Director Aston Cowie, Host Thanita Phuvanatnaranubala, Cameramen Sorn Keadsiri and Tung Masamandana, Video Editors Jesse Maddox and Praew Nicharee, and Audio Mixing and Mastering by Tom Sawasdeekula. Of course, the omnipresent Eddie Mellor is there every session and helped conceive this project.

BKK OX visited when the band JindaJohn were playing their live session, a truly awe-inspiring six-piece ensemble fronted by Trumpeter and Composer Akkaradech “Dan” Sarn-In. The session ran like clockwork, with the Speakerbox team working in perfect harmony, and the band playing through their set twice.

There’s a rich pool of great, original bands in Bangkok, with really unique sounds. They are just not showcased as much in this city. Live In The Box is hoping to change that.

“Poob” Live In The Box Host

Rarely have I seen a team work so well together. They struck a beautiful balance of passion and professionalism. The focus was on the music, and the excitement in the air was palpable as the team witnessed the breathtaking sounds of JindaJohn.

JindaJohn were in their element, relaxed throughout and delivered their set impeccably. Their on-stage dynamic is a band who truly love playing together, and connect through their music. Speakerbox as a venue encompasses this philosophy, of connecting through music and it’s a joy to behold and experience.

All that’s left now is the complex video editing process, and soon we will see the JindaJohn, Live In The Box Session come to fruition on the Speakerbox Youtube channel. I am absolutely licking my lips in anticipation for this one.

We’re really excited to showcase Bangkok’s original bands in new, online forms.

Eddie Mellor

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