Are you Clazy?

Clazy Café, near BTS Sanam Pao, is a thriving spot for open-minded people, who want to learn more and share ideas

When I visited Clazy Café, they were hosting an Improv workshop. Co-founder Ong was participating in the workshop, where the leader of Zmack Improv Family was introducing the concept of Improv to a very receptive group, through engaging games and activities.

This is one of hundreds of workshops, which take place at Clazy and are geared towards empowering Thai people. This is a safe space where people can share their thoughts, ideas and new concepts, and they welcome all cultures.

We believe everyone has the potential to make a good impact on our society. Therefore, we empower people to be a better version of themselves and help them explore new opportunities.

Ong and Kavin – Co-Founders of Clazy Cafe

Ong showed me the various communities they work with at Clazy, such as Sharing Citizen and a prominent Board Games Community. These are both large communities, who organize frequent events such as “One Beer I can Talk”, an Open Mic by Sharing Citizen, which allows people to express their thoughts freely.

We are a diverse group of people and topics at Clazy. Improv is one promising activity that has the potential to develop many skills for people as a foundation and even become a great community itself.

Ong and Kavin – Co-Founders of Clazy Cafe
Co-founders Kavin (left) and Ong (right)

Clazy is a coffee shop, an event space and most importantly, a community-building platform. They have a downstairs cafe space for relaxing, eating cheesecake and drinking coffee (my kinda joint). Also downstairs there is a quaint meeting room, with a long table for group discussion.

Upstairs Clazy host events in their three private spaces, all fitted with projectors. The act of building community, during this time, is more poignant than ever before, and Clazy are shining in this regard.

“Clazy” is a word co-founders Ong and Kavin conceptualized. Clazy represents their philosophy of being crazy and lazy. Ong told me that ideas are born from a perfect balance of these two elements. Craziness, as in, being very passionate about something to the point of obsession. Laziness, as in, taking the time to relax, and deliberately switch off from the stress of being crazy. It is in these “lazy” moments, Ong said, that great ideas flourish.

I met some warm, friendly people on this evening, including the co-founders Kavin and Ong. There is no question, special things are taking place in this little jewel in the heart of Sanam Pao. Check out their events schedule, and if you have any ideas that could make a meaningful contribution to Thai society. Clazy will be all ears.

Follow their events and activities on Facebook:

Contact them via Facebook or:


Telephone: 02 111 2100

To get there, take the BTS to Sanam Pao and get off at the Phaya Thai Hospital exit 1. Walk 5-10 minutes (past the hospital) and you will see the bright sign (see above) as you enter a small community village on your right.

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